The "Homoglyph" series involves clipping bodies out of screenshots of gay dating app profile pictures and recontextualizing them to emphasize the semiotics of the selfie. Bodies paired with specific motifs juxtapose classical and contemporary notions of gender expression while challenging the relationship between contemporary masculinity and self-objectification. Here, the profile photo is viewed as a 21st century hieroglyph meant to communicate specific sexual messages informed by hegemonic values and mainstream media. Likewise, the stolen images address the inherent conflicts of the unabashed conflation of private and public life.


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after grant wood's "american gothic"

after rene magritte's "the son of man"

after peter paul rubens' "der heilige sebastian"

after sandro botticelli's "the birth of venus"

after leonardo da vinci's "the last supper"


"reflecting (ces)pool"